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The New BikerSteel.Com

Affordable - Low Cost Automatic Knives

Knife Display Case's & Accessories
Quality Automatica Cutlery
#15 & #18 Genuine Classic Italian Stiletto's
#13 Genuine Classic Italian Stiletto's
#11 Genuine Italian Classic Stiletto's
#11 Genuine Italian Swinguard Stiletto's
Renzo Beltrame Classic Italian Stiletto's
#9 Classic Genuine Italian Stiletto's
#9 Genuine Italian Swinguard Stiletto's
#8 Genuine Italian Leverlock Automatic's
#5 - #8 Mini Sized Classic Italian Stiletto's
Microtech Automatic Knives
Protech Automatic Knives
Mikov Automatic Knives
High End Italian Switchblade Knives
Affordable - Low Cost Automatic Knives
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Welcome to the new & improved BikerSteel.Com this section of the website, we will be offering the more affordable switchblade and stiletto knives... We have copied or *Clone* knives from such makers as Dalton, Protech, Microtech as well as others...
Each one of these knives are tested and put through a rigorous regiment to make sure that they function as intended before they are ever shipped to a customer... Unfortunately, these knives do not come with any type of warranty, due to the fact that they are knock off switchblades...With practical use however, most perform flawlessly for many years of enjoyment....but on occassion some do go bad. If your handy, most times it is a really easy fix...


Protech - Stinger Clone
Coming soon.


Vallotton & Disken Dual Action Clone Automatic Knife
This is one of the slickest dual action, very affordable clone automatic knives available....we will be adding them to our inventory very soon soon!


Microtech LCC Clone Auto Knives
Look for a wide selection of the Microtech LCC *Lightfoot Combat Cutlery* Dual Action Clone Automatic knives being added to our product's on the website soon....

Quality Italian & American Automatic Knives for those who Ride!

#15 & #18 60's Era Flat Grind Olivewood Stiletto's
A pair of Vintage *Big Un's* from Napoli, Italy


Be sure and drop back in soon and be on the look out for some new and unique collectable stiletto's and other automatic knives being added shortly to our growing product line and ever changing inventory soon...