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Renzo Beltrame Classic Italian Stiletto's
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#9 Genuine Italian Swinguard Stiletto's
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Welcome to the new & improved BikerSteel.Com website...We have been in the business of providing and making available fine quality Italian handcrafted and production type Automatic knives to LE, Paramedic's, Military Personel, as well as knife collector's for quite a number of years, so let me be the first to welcome you to the new website... You can view our complete and extensive product line by clicking on the corresponding section on the Navigation bar on the left....
BikerSteel.Com strives to make available the very best of Switchblade, or Automatic cutlery. We offer products from such names as Frank Beltrame, AGA Campolin, Armando Beltrame, AKC, SKM, Guido Octavio Massaro as well as well known and respected names like Microtech, Protech, Benchmade, Cold Steel, Mikov...and more! Let me assure you that a pleasant buying experience, and overall customer satisfaction is our goal... Please take a few minutes to navigate around the site, and chances are there just might be something that you have been searching for to add to your Automatic knife collection here on the website...
Please don't hesitate to contact us via email at if we can be of any assistance or answer any questions you may have....Welcome to the wonderful world of Automatic, Switchblade, Collectable cutlery......
The new BikerSteel.Com site will be continually adding items to our product inventory as they become available...Be sure stop back by and don't forget to Bookmark our site and add us to your Favorites list! 

Lookin' good....

As we add new product to our ever expanding inventory of quality switchblade and automatica cutlery, we will also be adding additional pages to both our Online Catalog and BikerSteel.Com's Products sections here on the website.....
Striving to bring the very best in collectable Italian & America spring steel cutlery....The new & improved **BikerSteel.Com**

The new BikerSteel.Com will be stocking inventory from some of the very best craftsman and makers in the business of fine Italian handcrafted, and American produced, and custom made automatica....
**Italian Cutlery & Artisans**
F. lli Beltrame
Armando Beltrame
Renzo Beltrame
Angelo AGA Campolin
**American & Imported Automatica**
**Fixed Blade & Folding Knives**
Cold Steel
Timber Rattler
Timber Wolf
Ridge Runner

This month's special:
Renzo Beltrame #11 Cocabolo Scales, Bayonet Italian Switchblade Stiletto...Nice snap, good and straight, good lockup, and the safety works as intended....These knives are spectacular in appearance and performance.....why not add one to your collection today!
$79.99 shipped within the Lower 48 United States...

#11 Renzo Bayonet (#2311)

December 2007 - January 2008 Special
#11 Renzo Beltrame Genuine Cocabolo Switchblade Stiletto

Latama - Quick Release Switchblade Lubricant
Get a FREE bottle with $100.00 purchase or more!

Quality Italian & American Automatic Knives for those who Ride!

#15 & #18 60's Era Flat Grind Olivewood Stiletto's
A pair of Vintage *Big Un's* from Napoli, Italy


Be sure and drop back in soon and be on the look out for some new and unique collectable stiletto's and other automatic knives being added shortly to our growing product line and ever changing inventory soon...