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Many of our customers like to know a little about the company, our policy's and the folks behind the products that they buy. Rest assured when dealing with BikerSteel.Com, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, and our ultimate goal is  bringing quality Italian & American produced automatic, switchblade knives to the collecting community.


BikerSteel.Com Business Philosophy

The objective of our business here at the New & Improved BikerSteel.Com website is to provide a high quality product, at a reasonable price, and to assure you of promp & reliable service for all of our new and repeat customers. Rest assured that should you decide upon a purchase, and complete the payment process....Your item's will ship out to you the very next business day available...We pride ourselves in quick, reliable, honest service. You will never be charged for a knife that we do not have readily available and in stock right now. We do not do back orders, or ask for payment for any future run's of knives before they are available....You get exactly what you pay for, when you pay for it.....We do hope you will enjoy viewing and visiting our web site often and enjoy looking at our ever changing Inventory of quality Italian & American made products as much as we have enjoyed being able to provide these highly sought after Collectable *Automatica* knives to you.....

About our Company.....

I have been involved in the collecting and selling of fine automatic and non-automatic cutlery for approximately the last 5 years... I am known within the collecting community, and on a number of switchblade knife  forums as ASO or AllSprungOut.. I have made available quality Italian and American made automatica on a number of different, well established venues most of which are listed on our Favorite Links page, with some extremely satisfied repeat clients and customers on each one of them for quite some time...... I strive to conduct my business in a professional manor, and to handle all transactions with my clientele, as I myself would like to be treated as a customer... This simply means that I will not ever ask for any type of payment up front for any knife that is supposedly in the making and needs to be paid for in advance, and supposedly...... going to be made available to automatic knife collectors in the near future....Everything that you will find listed on this website will either be available, right now and in our ever changing inventory, or the knife simply will not be sold to you, and the transaction voided. Unlike some other dealers, who sometimes often take forever to get the item you purchased to you in a timely manor, I can assure you that definately will not be the case here at the new & improved BikerSteel.Com website... As soon as payment has been taken care of, by either Postal Money Order, Cashier's Check, MasterCard or Visa, or Personal Check if you have done business with me in the past, your new item will ship out to you the very next available business day... You will also be notified as to when your package ships, and when to expect it's antisipated arrival...
There is nothing worse in my opinion, than being a hard working individual and having payed hard earned cash in full and in good faith for something that you have your heart dead set on, and then for UNKNOWN reasons and what always seems to be...... way too many excuses from the dealer as to why you have not received your knife on time. And trust me.... that seems to happen quite often with some other dealers, whom shall remain nameless who operate like that in our hobby and business... Rest assured that my State *Licenced* business, and this new website pride's ourselves on complete customer satisfaction with all of their purchase's here at the new & improved BikerSteel.Com...
Please be sure and add us to your Favorites list on your Internet browser, and drop in again, as there will be some very nice items available for the discriminating collector being offered soon... If you have any questions that need answer's, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will try and provide you with whatever information is available...Be sure and tell your fellow collectors and friends about our site....
Thx once again for spending a few minutes checking out the is appreciated..and please feel free to sign my Guestbook.

Here is a couple of my favorite **Limited Edition**...Frank Beltrame Italian Stiletto's!

#11 FB Abalone & Flamed Damascus Bayonet Stiletto
This knife is awesome up close and personal...

#11 FB *Half-Grind* Abalone Handled Swinguard
And another of my prized specimen's...Awesome!

Quality Italian & American Automatic Knives for those who Ride!

#15 & #18 60's Era Flat Grind Olivewood Stiletto's
A pair of Vintage *Big Un's* from Napoli, Italy


Be sure and drop back in soon and be on the look out for some new and unique collectable stiletto's and other automatic knives being added shortly to our growing product line and ever changing inventory soon...