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#9 Genuine Italian Swinguard Stiletto's
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Welcome to the New BikerSteel.Com web site!

There has been some modifications and changes made here on the best Switchblade site on the web. Through exclusive marketing rights with Capt. Walt of Latama Cutlery, BikerSteel.Com now carries the Limited Edition 2007 Walt's Flat Guard Picklock Stiletto's, along with Frank Beltrame's Limited Edition 2007 knives..... Our select inventory here on BikerSteel.Com will be changing frequently, so be sure and add us to your Favorites list and drop back by, you will not be disappointed..... Some very nice projects are in the works for 2008!
We will be offering to the collecting community the very best  in fine, genuine Italian stiletto's from such makers as F. lli Beltrame, Armando Beltrame - AB, SKM and Angelo *Grandpa* Campolin - AGA Campolin, Maniago, Italy....the Spring Steel Capitol of the well as a nice assortment of more affordable knock off or clone switchblades of Protech and Microtech products... and offering the very best in American made Production knives from Protech and Microtech also..
There is something here for everyone... You must be of legal age to purchase. No sales to Minor's period, no exceptions... and you must know & abide by all local, state and federal laws concerning the ownership of these types of items... Seller cannot be held responsible for misuse after sale.... By purchasing you are stating compliance, and understand all of the above...Please refer to our BikerSteel.Com Company Policy page for any additional information....

Running and continually maintaining an online business website is never an easy task, but we have found out that building an effective web site can often make a huge difference in potentially increasing overall sales, client interaction and responsiveness, and just simply over all customer satisfaction....

Here at the New & Improved BikerSteel.Com, we strive to bring to the collecting community some of the best spring-steel, or switchblade knives available today. We carry a full line of Genuine Italian Switchblade Stiletto's, as well as Proudly produced in the USA, the Protech and Microtech line of quality auto and non automatic cutlery....From personal experience, we figure that people don't want to spend a bunch of time figuring out just exactly an online business does, so our home page will highlight the most important features of both up and coming production run's of Limited Edition, collectable automatic knives... and allow you to experience our new Retail *Collectable* Automatica web site. Think of our home page as a kind of virtual portal, giving all of our discriminating customers the information they are seeking at a glance, and offering a variety of product listed within our various links to entise you, our valued customer into looking at the rest of our ever changing and expanding retail collectable automatica and non- automatic cutlery website....

Be sure to look for a different, and new item on the BikerSteel.Com home page each and every month, along with the link to our products page where you can find out more information on the product.....
All automatic or switcblade knives are sold as *Collectables & Curio's*.  Buyer, not seller is responsible for knowing and abiding by all their local, state, and federal government laws concerning ownership and possession of these items.. You must be of legal age for purchase....No sales to Minor's period, no exception. Seller cannot be held responsible for misuse after purchase...By purchasing a automatic or switchblade knife from BikerSteel.Com, your stating that you understand and are in full compliance with all of the above...
Be sure and add the new & improved BikerSteel.Com website to your Favorites list on your Browser, and do keep checking back often for more highly collectable switchblade knives being listed soon...
No sales or shipping to Washington, D.C., or the State of Illinois....No International sales or shipping is available at this time..

One of the 3 B's - Bike's, Babe's & Blades

The New & Improved BikerSteel.Com has no affiliation or association what so ever with Brad Skipper - WSB Knife Designs or the website Swinguards.Com!

Damn, that is a sweet lookin' rear end on that ride!

This Month's Switchblade knife special is....
#11 Renzo Beltrame Bayonet Grind stiletto, with Genuine Natural Cocabolo wood handles...these are a beautiful example of the talented individuals who continue the tradition of building quality, genuine Italian spring steel and switchblade cutlery....
Be sure to check our Extensive Products page's for full details on this knife, as well as other beautiful switchblade knives available for purchase right now.....

#11 Renzo Beltrame Cocabolo Wood Bayonet Stiletto
The Natural Cocabolo scales are Magnificent on this knife!

AB #9 PresentationGrade Italian Point Horn Dagger
These scales are awesome, you have to see this one!
Holiday Special....
A **Free** 1 oz. Bottle of Latama - Quick Release Automatic Switchblade knife oil, a $10.00 value with every knife purchase over $100.00.
Latama - The Legend Continues
1 oz. Bottle of Quick Release Switchblade knife lubricant
$10.00 shipped 

Latama - Quick Release Switchblade Lubricant
Get a *FREE* bottle with $100.00 purchase or more!

Please feel free to offer any comments and join our mailing list for monthly sales and specials! 
You can email us at:

You can click on any of the song's below, this does require a quick download of the MP3 file.....but afterwards you can enjoy some more grate music while your looking around & enjoying the many different sections and wide variety of automatic cutlery products available here on the new BikerSteel.Com Website....

***Ghost Rider's in the Sky***

Uncle Kracker - Keep it Comin'

**Grateful Dead - Ripple**


Uncle Kracker - Drift Away

Quality Italian & American Automatic Knives for those who Ride!

#15 & #18 60's Era Flat Grind Olivewood Stiletto's
A pair of Vintage *Big Un's* from Napoli, Italy


Be sure and drop back in soon and be on the look out for some new and unique collectable stiletto's and other automatic knives being added shortly to our growing product line and ever changing inventory soon...