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Italian Swinguard & Small Classic Automatic Knives
Can you take a guess how many of these were used in a crime.... I didn't think so......

This site is all about my passion for collecting various forms of "Automatic" cutlery and knives. Here you'll find some information about my collectible knives and very special pieces, and I will also attempt too share some of the reasons that I became a collector of these artistic spring steel masterpieces, and will share some photos of items I've been fortunate enough to have  acquired along my path. Some of the items may be available for you to buy or trade for pieces within your own Automatica collection.

If you are looking for something in particular, by all means, please feel free to ask. Also, let me know if you have items you may want to sell or trade........I am always up to a little horse tradin'!
I will also be adding some very important links to some of the very best websites available, right now to help with all your collectable Italian and American crafted cutlery needs. Please take a minute to check them all out......and I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.......

I'll be updating this site frequently as I add to my collection, so check back often! As well as asking the support of the collecting community as a whole to become involved in taking the appropriate steps needed towards abolishing and ammending some long outdated, and rediculously ancient regulations and laws governing our group hobby! This has to change friends. With numbers comes strength....and now with the sudden and surprizing cancellation of all "Automatic" or Spring Steel knives being auctioned or listed on eBay, it is time for all the new collectors, who were able to wet their appetite and begin their collecting, as well as the seasoned, long time collectors to register, and frequent the sites linked to this site.........
Folks, if we could let's please focus on a realistic means of making some much needed change within our government...I know that if enough folks make a ruckus......something good should, and most likely will come from it, as a result of our group effort as a whole unfaultering unit with voices that demand to be heard.........please help spread the word.....Thank you for looking!

Be sure to keep checking back often for some very nice F. lli Beltrame, Armando Beltrame, Renzo Beltrame and a great selection of Genuine ItalianStiletto's being listed for sale on the Brand New & Improved BikerSteel.Com....a new Retail website that is under construction right here on the Tripod - Lycos' network and being published to the World Wide Web very soon!
Limited Edition Run's are underway right now, and some spectacular Italian Switchblade knives will be made available also for the true afficianato, and any collector of fine Genuine Italian Switchblade Automatica cutlery...

Answer to last week's question:
 Do you mean to tell me that the laws are still obsolete, and not a darned thing has happened yet as far as making some positive changes? Is 1958 mentality is still reigning supreme? Are you telling me that our government "Big Brother" is still floundering in the Stone Age when it comes to laws and regulations concerning our hobby of choice? Kind folks, and friends......Can you honestly rembember or recall an incident involving a spring-steel or automatic knife was used in the course of a serious or deadly crime. Outside of military use, of just does not happen from what I have seen, no matter what the motion picture industry and the aging politicians who still try and tell you otherwise. At least I have not heard of any incidents poppin' up on the local news....unlike gang and gun violence. These laws are extremely outdated, and need to be ammended as soon as possible. Guns and gangs are the weapons used and individuals that choose to live that lifestyle, and they are the ones who are commiting all the crimes. Why is it that the..AMERICAN adult, who responsibly chooses to collect these types of knives, cannot have the freedom to do so openly and without malice, and unjust persacution and prosecution within our society for doing so? Do we still live in America folks......I like to still at least hope so, but it seems to be failing quite rapidly? With the uninformed, or misinformed government officials, along with corporate america, pulling all of the punches, it often times makes me really wonder. Can and will things ever change? We can only hope and do our part to help in the fight for right. Only with voices and numbers united comes please everyone, do whatever you can for yourself and future generations, should you choose too collect and trade, and for the betterment of the entire collecting community as a whole! Enough, is enough already..............
Lets all take a stand, and work towards much needed change!!!!

#11 F. Beltrame *LE* Abalone & Damascus Bayonet
From the Master himself...Frank Beltrame, Maniago Italy

Here is one of my  most prized specimen's in my collection, a Limited Edition  #11 Abalone "Flamed Damascus Steel" Italian Bayonet Grind Automatic Stiletto knife....
Brand new item for 2005, and was hand-crafted by none other than the master in the craft of building heirloom quality switchblade automatica......F. lli Beltrame..... Coltellerie, Maniago, Italy.

The New & Improved BikerSteel.Com website is up and running and more products are being added to the inventory daily...Please drop by and look the site over, any comments or feedback is welcomed!
The new & improved BikerSteel.Com is in no way affiliated or associated with Brad Skipper - WSB Knife Designs or Swinguard.Com!

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Please do your part as an American citizen, and do whatever is in your power to try and change the outdated and totally bogus laws and regulations regarding our individual rights to have the means and the ways to pursue our hobby of the collection and trading of Italian Spring Steel Collectable Cutlery.....among responsible adults of legal age of course.....Write to your congressman, start a petition....or whatever you feel might aid the cause to stop the unnessesary ancient, and outdated....and totally misunderstood laws for the betterment of the collecting community! Thanks for your support.....

Thank you folks for dropping in and spending a few minutes looking the website over....please feel free to sign our guestbook! Any comment's and feedback is welcomed....

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