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AllSprungOut's Genuine Italian Switchblade Stiletto's

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My Humble Italian & American Stiletto Collection
Genuine Italian *Collectable* Knives for Sale!

Italian Handcrafted Cutlery, and American Produced Cutlery Sales and Return Policy....

All Italian Handcrafted Knives are sold as is, unless otherwise stated. My descriptions of these knives is very complete in all aspects, and should not hold any unwanted surprises concerning the product for any potential customers. The knife you see pictured, is the exact knife you will receive should you decide to purchase one of these fine Italian or American made knives.  The Customer or Buyer has 5 days from delivery to contact me requesting either a replacement knife, or a possible refund. Refund policy is the total amount of the sale, either being purchased through my website, or won at any of the Online Auction Sites that are mentioned on my site. When requesting a refund, there is a 15% fee deducted for processing and restocking, and buyer is responsible for any return shipping costs..... 
 The Frank B. - wSb line of knives comes with a *Limited Lifetime Warranty" which is included with your purchase of any of those knives...This are *Top of the Line* Collector grade pieces and is a first for any Italian knife maker to offer ever.....
All Microtech and Protech items are sold as Brand New, and each comes with original Warranty and Registration card included. These are all high end pieces of cutlery, and they stand behind their products 100%.
All my knives are top quality pieces, they are each tested before shipment to a customer, to make sure they work as intended and that there are no issues with any of them... I pride myself in good customer relations, and have many, repeat customers returning to my auctions and web site because of it.... I conduct my business in a professional manor, and expect the same from my customers. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed should you decide to treat yourself to that special knife when purchasing from me or my company....

I accept Bank Money Orders and also Cashier's Checks as payment for goods. I also offer a 100% "Secure" gateway service so you have the option to use most all Major Credit Cards for your purchasing conveinence.....
No shipping outside the U.S.A. All prices include ground shipping with FREE tracking info and delivery confirmation...Sales tax of 6% will be added for Wyoming residents.
If using any Major Credit Card for your purchase, your Monthly CC Billing Statement will show the item as being a purchase from:
Grateful Glenn's Custom Designs

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I am glad to see that your search brought you to my web page and store front. Please take a minute to click on each link for the "Very" best in Genuine "Italian" hand crafted Spring Steel Switchblade knives. Some of the best quality you will find anywhere on the Web. Featuring such fine Craftsmen as A.G.A. Campolin, Frank Beltrame, AKC, SKM, Armando Beltrame. These are some of the best in the business with well over 40 years hand crafting some of the finest knives for the discriminating collector. You will not do better than this I can assure you. Why settle for the rest, when you can have the very best. Always purchase "Genuine" Hand crafted Italian *Collectable* Stiletto's and Spring-steel cutlery!
I also stock a nice selection of Microtech and Protech Automatic knives for the discriminating collector......
You can also purchase my products through a very  reputable Knife Auction Site found on the Web....I sell my wares on the BladeBid knife auction website. Stop in and think about registering, and I am sure that you will find some interesting knives that would compliment your Automatic knife collection... Thx again  AllSprungOut - OldHound51

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