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Another leader in fine American made automatic cutlery is Protech... When it comes to reliability and quality construction, these knives are among the very best around... Different handle variations are available, along with a few different knife styles.... The snap on these knives is unbelievable, so you best hang on to your knife when firing it, or your apt to find it laying on the floor..... They come factory "Razor" sharpened, and are preferred by Law Enforcement, Paramedic's, EMT's, and our Military fighting men and women.... Born in the good old USA....

Operation Iraqi Freedom - Black Tactical Godfather
U.S.M.C. Military Issued Godfather Automatic Knife

Godfather *Prototype* Automatic Switchblade Knife
Very rare, pre-production Godfather....

This Pre Production **Prototype** Godfather is one of my favorite knives. It features a different blade design, and is quite sought after by many Automatic knife collectors.... Each one of these beautiful Automatic knives, make a serious statement...........Don't tread on me!

Protech Godfather *Burled Maple* Plain Satin Blade
This Godfather is awesome...A piece of Cutlery Art!

This Godfather is a very beautiful knife. The handle inserts are "Burled Maple" and add a very elegant over all look to this knife. Protech knives are one of the most dependable, long lasting, automatic knives on the market today......why not add one to your me with any questions....

I am glad to see that your search brought you to my web page and store front. Please take a minute to click on each link for the "Very" best in Genuine "Italian" hand crafted Spring Steel Switchblade knives. Some of the best quality you will find anywhere on the Web. Featuring such fine Craftsmen as A.G.A. Campolin, Frank Beltrame, AKC, SKM, Armando Beltrame. These are some of the best in the business with well over 40 years hand crafting some of the finest knives for the discriminating collector. You will not do better than this I can assure you. Why settle for the rest, when you can have the very best. Always purchase "Genuine" Hand crafted Italian *Collectable* Stiletto's and Spring-steel cutlery!
I also stock a nice selection of Microtech and Protech Automatic knives for the discriminating collector......
You can also purchase my products through a very  reputable Knife Auction Site found on the Web....I sell my wares on the BladeBid knife auction website. Stop in and think about registering, and I am sure that you will find some interesting knives that would compliment your Automatic knife collection... Thx again  AllSprungOut - OldHound51

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