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Hello....welcome to the site, after you have taken a little time and hopefully have enjoyed  the visual tour  ....please click on the link below and be sure to check out the New & Improved ......
Featuring a select inventory of genuine Italian hand crafted & American produced spring steel or switchblade, automatic knives readily available for the discriminating collector....

The New & Improved BikerSteel.Com....


Hello ladies and gentlemen, and boys and girls of all ages. Welcome to the magical and mystical world of collectable Italian automatica. Please let me take a quick moment to introduce myself.  AllSprungOut would be the name, and the collecting of "Fine" Genuine, Italian hand crafted spring-steel automatic cutlery is my claim to fame.  As I hope you can see, there is a wealth of fine collectable cutlery available for adding too your collection, or maybe you are just starting out. It is easy if you have the oppertunity to find the very best that the world wide web has to offer.  And so begins your sojourn!
The fabulous specimen shown on the right is a #11 Frank Beltrame "Limited Edition" Dark Horn with Solid Sterling Silver Bolsters Half-Grind Italian Switchblade Stiletto, first run 2007! There were a total of 57 pieces produced by F. lli Beltrame himself in this Limited Edition Run... 11 inch Select Dark Horn scale materials, solid sterling silver bolsters, hand forged stainless steel damascus guards, and the elegant Half-Grind blade configuration... One sweet heirloom quality knife, and extremely collectable... Give me a shout out if you would like to add one to your Italian **Automatica** knife collection.. Supplies are extremely limited...
Take a minute to look around please, and get aquainted, and then register and prepare to meet about the finest  folks you are likely to be ever associated with...........Guaranteed!
I am a semi-retired,  worn out construction worker living out in the country. I had played around in the concrete for quite some time until the body told me to slow it down a bit.  I collect Grateful Dead memoribilia.........I am proud to say that I am a very deadicated "Deadhead", and proud to be in the ranks of Jerry Garcias many, many orphans, Grateful Dead DVD concerts, as well as others, CD Music of all kinds. I do a little DJ'ing during my spare time. I also enjoy playing some guitar and sing on occasion. I have been an avid collector of numberous unique, rare and hard to find items for as long as I can remember, and recently had the oppertunity to enhance my Italian Stiletto collection with the help of the fine folks associated with the links listed on the site. I guess once a collector, always a collector, it is a hard habit to shake....  There is much more, but I will not bore you with all of the details right now. Please do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to check the links out......I can assure you that you will not be disappointed! 
I would like to extend an open invitation to all those like minded folks interested in collecting some of the Finest Genuine Italian Spring-Steel knives being offered today. Frank Beltrame products, as well as Armando Beltrame, and AKC-SKM, and AGA Campolin hand crafted genuine Italian spring steel products. All of these Coltelleries are located in Maniago, Italy. The world reknowned leader in prized collectable Italian automatica. Guaranteed first quality, high end, highly prized and extremely collectable pieces for the discriminating individual. I am going to be listing some knives shortly, so please don't hesitate to contact me with any of your Collectable Italian Spring-Steel needs....
I recently have started work on my new Retail Site here on Tripod....Perhaps some of you might have seen my old site....BikerSteel.Com.  This is going to be the same website with an abundance of Genuine Italian and American produced Automatic and Non-Automatic cutlery designed for the needs of the avid Italian Switchblade collector...
Look for a link to the new Retail *****BikerSteel.Com***** coming real soon... I am still busy stocking the extensive inventory that is readily available for purchase in compliance with all local, state & federal law's concerning these types of knives..and will be offering some spectacular specimens of fine Genuine Italian Stiletto Switchblades....
Buyers be aware that there is some **Counterfeit** AKC products being produced and distributed to unsuspecting collector's.... Why settle for the rest when you can own the very best....Always purchase *Genuine* Italian produced switchblade stiletto's!

On this page, I'll share with you some of the fine "Collectable" knives that I have been lucky enough to been able too give a brand new home, and also talk about my reasons for wanting a web page, to explain a little about the hobby and how to get started, and with whom to deal with. I am hoping that with the recent upward trend in collecting, thanks in part to the World Wide Web in helping with the availability of Quality "High End" Italian Automatica for the discriminating collector, we as a community can assure and take steps in the very near future, towards making a change in some very outdated, totally rediculous laws and restrictions concerning our particular hobby of choice. Most laws are old and in desperate need of ammendment NOW! It's time people forget all of the Hollywood hype behind these types of knives....They have taken the blunt for long enough, simply to line the pockets of the Hollywood mogals, and others who would benefit from such condemnation.  I am hoping that the collecting community can group together as  as a whole, and a force to be listened to and recconed with, and no longer stand idlly by and watch this type of regulation continue. And we can finally take whatever steps nessesary towards airing our voice in local, state and ultimately federal government regulations, and get some things changed for the betterment of the collecting community. This is a call to arm's ladies and gentlemen. If you are a member of a knife forum, please discuss this within your halls, and try to put together some plan of attack towards rectifying some very noticable wrong's within our governmental laws concerning spring steel.
Now with the shut down of  any type of "Automatic" knife being banned from auction or sale on the mega-auction site eBay........for reasons still unknown at present, other than possible numberous complaints coming from the unknowing, and grossly uniformed public who apparently have nothing better too do or find a more constructive way to spend their time, other than too interfere with other peoples business and lives. When can you say, was it honestly ladies and gentlemen that you heard about anyone committing a serious, fatal crime with one of these types of knives. I cannot recall anything......and I do have a few years under my hat.  It truly is a shame that a few have to ruin things for good folks.....and it seems that  politics within eBay and *Corporate America*  has truly reared it's ugly face once again.........This has to stop......change is nessesary much more now......than ever! Please help do whatever you can to assure a change happens soon.
When inquiring about a knife purchase you can rest assured that all business matters are handled very professionally, with attention to quality of the products offered. I am sure that if you should decide upon either starting a collection, or adding to an existing collection, myself along with others will be able to accomidate your every need!
Please take a moment to get aquainted, and who knows, you may find that extremely hard to find piece that you have been searching for within the pages of my site! Good luck, and hope to be talking with you soon.........

Please bookmark my home page to your favorites list. Drop in often as I will be adding some available knife selections very shortly........some truly must have items for any collector of.....
Genuine "Italian" Automatica

12-09-07 In the process of stocking the new BikerSteel.Com website here on the Lycos' - Tripod network. Be sure to check back often for updated information on the new retail Italian & American Switchblade website....
Please take a moment to look around at the varied selection of Imported Italian Spring Steel Automatic knives. Please contact me with any questions or orders.
Buyer, not seller is responsible for abiding by all local, state and federal laws pertaining to these knives. By purchase, you are stating compliance. Seller cannot be held responsible for misuse after sale. You must be of legal age for purchase.18-21 depending on location. No sales to Minors period, No Exceptions!

Frank B. - LE Sterling Silver & Drk Horn Swinguard
This Limited Edition Stiletto is stunning....

Microtech Socom Elite - Tanto Plain Blade
Check the Carbon Fiber Inlays out on the Handles...

Protech Godfather - Burled Maple & Satin Blade
The *Godfather* makes you an offer you can't refuse...

LE Frank B. - wSb Damascus & Abalone
These handles sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight...

Butch Vallotton - Titanium & Mother of Pearl Auto
This Art knife is over 20 yrs. old...and in pristine condition...

9 1/2" A.B. Stag & Brass Bayonet Lever Lock Auto
This is the first time ever that these have been made in this size...

Microtech Hawk - Blk Boron Blade - Tactical Auto
The ultimate in combat cutlery....made in the good old U.S.A.

11" AB Briarwood & Brass Dagger Italian Stiletto
These knives are really unique, and a work of spring steel art...

Microtech FireAnt Scarab - Dual Edge Automatic
The ultimate in Microtech Tactical Cutlery...Born in the U.S.A.

11" Frank B. - wSb Stag Italian Stiletto..
High end collectable Italian Stiletto's - Frank B. - wSb top of the line knives....

Latama - The Legend Continues Switchblade Oil
For Sale - $10.00 per bottle Shipped to your Door!

Latama - Quick Release Auto Knife Lubricant
Specially formulated for Switchblade Auto Knives...

The New & Improved BikerSteel.Com & Grateful Glenn's Custom Designs website here on the Lycos' - Tripod network is in no way affiliated with Brad Skipper or Swinguard.Com!

I am glad to see that your search brought you to my web page and store front. Please take a minute to click on each link for the "Very" best in Genuine "Italian" hand crafted Spring Steel Switchblade knives. Some of the best quality you will find anywhere on the Web. Featuring such fine Craftsmen as A.G.A. Campolin, Frank Beltrame, AKC, SKM, Armando Beltrame. These are some of the best in the business with well over 40 years hand crafting some of the finest knives for the discriminating collector. You will not do better than this I can assure you. Why settle for the rest, when you can have the very best. Always purchase "Genuine" Hand crafted Italian *Collectable* Stiletto's and Spring-steel cutlery!
I also stock a nice selection of Microtech and Protech Automatic knives for the discriminating collector......
You can also purchase my products through a very  reputable Knife Auction Site found on the Web....I sell my wares on the BladeBid knife auction website. Stop in and think about registering, and I am sure that you will find some interesting knives that would compliment your Automatic knife collection... Thx again  AllSprungOut - OldHound51

I hope you have enjoyed listening to the music while looking over this website, please click on any of the song's below for more grate music...

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