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Microtech Automatic Knives
Protech Automatic Knives
Genuine Italian Stiletto's
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Related Links

Please take a few minutes to take a look at the following links:
The New & Improved BikerSteel.Com, retail internet store, stocking products from world reknown craftsman like F lli. Beltrame, Armando Beltrame, Guido Octavio Massaro, AGA Campolin, AKC, SKM as well as Microtech, Protech, Benchmade, Mikov and Custom knives....and a nice selection of affordable automatic and non-automatic cutlery....
The New & Improved BikerSteel.Com

The New BikerSteel.Com

AllSprungOut's Deadicated Space

Here is the link to one of my favorite custom builders of Automatic Cutlery......
Each one of these handmade pieces will sure make a person drool just a little bit, and wish there were a lot more Dead President's in your wallet......

Burn Custom Automatic Knives

And yet another master of the craft....Arlin *SloJoe* Walker....
These gentlemen show a great deal of pride in each and every hand made piece they produce. Each one is a true piece of cutlery art to say the least......
Do take a minute and drop in, and look each of these gentlemen's websites over, and who knows... maybe order that special one of a kind switchblade knife, hand built just for you....

Arlin *SloJoe* Walker...C & A Knives

Frank Beltrame Coltellerie, Maniago, Italy..

Italian Switchblade Knife Forum

Please do your part as an American citizen, and do whatever is in your power to try and change the outdated and totally bogus laws and regulations regarding our individual rights to have the means and the ways to pursue our hobby of the collection and trading of Italian Spring Steel Collectable Cutlery.....among responsible adults of legal age of course.....Write to your congressman, start a petition....or whatever you feel might aid the cause to stop the unnessesary ancient, and outdated....and totally misunderstood laws for the betterment of the collecting community! Thanks for your support.....

Thank you folks for dropping in and spending a few minutes looking the website over....please feel free to sign our guestbook! Any comment's and feedback is welcomed....

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