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Please drop me a line and tell me what you think! This is an ongoing project and always under construction with new information being provided when obtained. Anyone with anything they would like to share, that they feel would be helpful towards getting the word out about changing these ancient laws that we are somehow bound too......please contact me, and maybe we can put a halt on this terrible monster together as a team.....
Thx for droppin' in and taking a look around.....

Do you share my interest in collecting Genuine Italian Switchblades? Have a collection of your own and want to compare a few knives? Are you thinking about starting a collection, or maybe just adding to yours? Please don't hesitate too get in touch! I am sure that between the great sites listed and linked here, someone is sure to be able to help you out with a wide variety of Italian spring steel cutlery, as well as American made automatics, and I am sure they will help you out with all of your Collectable knife needs.

Just click this address to send me mail:

Please click here to contact AllSprungOut...give me a shout out, and I will try my best to touch base with you and get you taken care of. Thanks a bunch for droppin' in and having a look around. ASO

Please do your part as an American citizen, and do whatever is in your power to try and change the outdated and totally bogus laws and regulations regarding our individual rights to have the means and the ways to pursue our hobby of the collection and trading of Italian Spring Steel Collectable Cutlery.....among responsible adults of legal age of course.....Write to your congressman, start a petition....or whatever you feel might aid the cause to stop the unnessesary ancient, and outdated....and totally misunderstood laws for the betterment of the collecting community! Thanks for your support.....

Thank you folks for dropping in and spending a few minutes looking the website over....please feel free to sign our guestbook! Any comment's and feedback is welcomed....

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